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TypeVilla Area100 m2 Year2019

Simple geometric shapes, sci-fi images of elegant spaceships, technical design solutions - all this together has become a kind of recipe for creating a compact SKY house private villa. The water surface adjacent to the villa is an integral visual component of the project. A large pool of calm water is able to mirror the entire villa, visually raising it above the ground and almost creating the levitation effect in architecture.

To give inner freedom, to fill with fresh air, to help find harmony with oneself, while remaining distinctly minimalistic – these are the main goals of this private villa project.

SKY house boasts panoramic glazing, variable diffused light inside, numerous modern energy efficiency systems. SKY house is equally well suited both for relaxing in a small group of friends, and for therapeutic solitude with yourself.

The SKY house project essentially represents one of the options for the ideological development of the popular STAVANGER house, where the shape of the building was just as simple and proportionately verified. This project provides a common space for the living area and the kitchen, while the bedroom and large bathroom are separated by internal partitions.

Due to the large continuous interior space, the final layout is completely dependent on customer requests. The SKY house project can become either a private villa or a commercial building, or even an office of a private company with meeting rooms and a recreation space.

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