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TypeCommercial Year2019

In April 2019, a monument to the history of architecture, a symbol of Paris, Notre Dame Cathedral was tragically damaged. World history is dotted with sorrowful losses of architectural monuments. We believe that Notre Dame, engulfed in fire, having lost its gothic spire and roof, has the opportunity to rise from the ruins akin to a Phoenix, and to take a symbolic first place among the symbols of the "City of Lights".

Our team immediately responded to what happened, as we could not stay away from the events in the heart of Europe.

The idea was to step away from the historical materials and to change the perception of the roof, while maintaining the classic atmosphere of the gothic cathedral in the interior. We have developed a new type of roof for the cathedral, while maintaining historical dimensions and proportions.

Notre Dame will never be the same, but its essence should remain unshakeable, which is why in the restoration project we proposed to keep the spire as it was, using its original dimensions and materials. Within the concept of a modern glass roof, the historic spire acts as a backbone of the cathedral, upon which modern architectural decisions are based.

In our opinion, tinted glass in such an unusual application has two main meanings: the personification of the Divine design in the fate of the legendary cathedral and a step into the future of architecture with its innovative and heavy-duty materials.

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