Kimasar Hotel 2

Medeo, Kazakhstan

General Notes

TypeHotel Year2022

The concept of Kimasar 2 was intended to give a new development to the first version of the multifunctional complex site in the Kimasar river valley in Kazakhstan. In this project, we considered the possibility of replacing a complex of apartment houses scattered along the river with a chain of two-story hotel villas connected to each other by a single architectural ensemble, glass passages and foundations.

The hotel's premium room stock can be used both in the classic business model and in the time-share model for longer stays. There are a total of 16 apartments in four villas with convenient access to a single lobby and dining area. The villas are located in such a way that each apartment does not lose touch with the most advantageous view from the location of the hotel. The fifth, "lower" one-story building houses a welcome zone, a lobby bar and a restaurant for serving guests.

The main characteristics of the draft proposal:

  • 4 hotel-villas
  • 16 apartments
  • 72 sq.m. apartment area
  • 2 500 sq.m. living space
  • 1 villa with restaurant and lobby

The land plot where the villa is going to be built holds great value for the owners, and its natural environment was considered as a top priority during the design process. The general guidelines for the villa included a 3-level structure, with a basement, a ground and a first floor, where the majority of the panoramic glazing should be facing the deer park across the fence. 

The initially planned area of the “fitness studio” is a dedicated second-level space for aerial arts and various gymnastic activities. It was important for the studio’s ceilings to be at least 7 meters tall and be strong enough to support a system of blocks and levers, necessary for practicing the sport.
The basement, along with a standard set of technical rooms and storage areas, is also expected to include a dedicated wine cellar and an armory that doubles as a shelter. The primary focus of the interior design are open spaces, tall ceilings and tall windows, allowing plenty of natural light and views to penetrate from the outside. The decoration materials of the interior are expected to create a calm, soothing atmosphere, rich in natural textures and colors. The owners’ collection of contemporary art is deemed to be one of the major influences to the internal design and the layout of the halls, living spaces and the bedrooms, primarily – the master bedroom.
The halls, also referred to as emporios, ought to have a double functionality as localized gallery spaces for the art pieces. In terms of the art exhibition, the Crouching Angel statue is to be a centerpiece of the local collection, with a quote "Sorrow surrenders its crown to a throne called grace” by A. Smit placed on the wall nearby. 

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