Star of the East

Vladivistok, Russia

General Notes

TypeCommercial Year2021

The unique project of the Star of the East tower in the city of Vladivostok has absorbed the bold ideas of entrepreneurs, architects and engineers of modern Russia. The skyscraper is designed to become a point of attraction for creative energy and a center for the development of business and culture in the Far East The daring image of the skyscraper challenges the usual natural terrain of Vladivostok, offering its residents and guests stunning views of the city and the Golden Horn Bay. The flagship location of the Star of the East guarantees constant attention to it from the residents of the city, which opens up the possibility of creative use of its facade as a gigantic screen for laser projection. Behind the complex form of the skyscraper demonstrated in this concept, there are several sources of inspiration at the same time: images of a sea lighthouse, an Olympic torch and a human hand stretching a radiant sphere to the east, as a gesture of friendship and cooperation.

From the early concept stage, the Star of the East has been given a dominant place not only in the city of Vladivostok, but throughout the Far East.

Located on Orlinaya Sopka hill, the Star of the East symbolizes the openness of the Russian business community to new technologies and the readiness to build a prosperous future on the international stage.

The Star of the East is an Oasis-class project, which dictates the highest standards of environmental cleanliness and efficient use of energy. The development team plans to create a park complex around the foot of the skyscraper, accessible to Vladivostok residents for meetings, recreation and sports.

The abundance of natural light entering the building through transparent facades allows its guests to constantly maintain visual contact with the surrounding panorama from inside the skyscraper. The architectural height of the tower will be 390 meters.

The Star of the East structurally consists of four components - the stylobate part at the foot of the tower, the main tower, and the supporting vertical communication shaft. The top is planned as an active entertainment dome.

The pronounced "ridge" of the building - a group of elevators and vertical communication shafts, is located in a golden sleeve that visually supports the skyscraper.

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