Desert Villa

Joshua Tree, USA

General Notes

TypeVilla Area220 m2 Year2020

The proposed architectural project is of an upscale vacation rental house, situated in Joshua Tree National Park, California. Its architectural features reflect three core principles of design: orientation towards the scenic views of the surrounding area, upscale standards of guest accommodation, and maximum possible utilization of natural light in the interior. As a result, the shape of the building is designed to provide the best possible views to the North and North-West to the living/dining room, all three bedrooms and even one of the bathrooms. One other bathroom, in the master suite, also features panoramic glazing, while the third one features a skylight window in the ceiling.

The main living space of the building faces north and north-west, and the right wing of the house is positioned on an angle to the main living room, which allows to get the most out of the natural views. The living room, combined with the cooking and dining area, is a large (over 700 square feet) centerpiece
of the design, that has direct access to both sides of the house, the garage, the laundry/storage area and a common WC.

The bedrooms are positioned in a row, facing the terrace, which makes it possible to install individual exits directly towards the pool/SPA area.

Each bedroom features a dedicated closet, which can be classified as somewhat in between a full-fledged walk-in closet and just a wardrobe. An important design solution that makes even smaller closets in this design very comfortable is their visual separation from the general bedroom space.

The terrace area has been loosely defined as a vast decked space, following the angled facades on the northern side of the building. As sketched on the current plan, the terrace occupies 977,4 sq.ft., although it can be changed either direction according to the end needs of the company.

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