Family Villa

Zilina, Slovakia

General Notes

TypeVilla Area556 m2 Year2020

This project was unique because of the pre-existing concrete structure on the land plot that our design had to be integrated with. The resulting project features two buildings - a single-floor "living/guest area" with panoramic views and exit towards the pool terrace and the adjacent "family area" with two floors, containing a number of bedrooms, a smaller living room, kids' playroom and other facilities.

The target design solution for the exterior includes such elements as natural materials, textures and finishes, geometric patterns, perforated metal panels as window shades.

The facade decor benefits from using such materials as brick, wood, metal, structured plaster, metal perforated sliding window shutters for safety and summer shade.

Large glazing area, panoramic glass walls and tall windows facing the inner garden were a must in the architectural design of the exterior, including the bedroom areas. 

The privacy considerations are managed by a tandem of external electrically operated shutters, as well as a set of internal blackout curtains/shutters.

The views towards the inner garden of the villa were given primary attention emphasized. The goal was to create a feeling of living in a park, which was achieved thanks to a number of big trees on the property. 

The position of the buildings and the connecting entrance group are expected to create the feeling of an «inner plaza». The roof space is going to be used largely as a green terrace / upper garden.

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