Oasis 2.0 Villa


General Notes

TypeVilla Area430 m2 Year2020

The basis of this project, internally designated as Oasis 2.0. was the Oasis house project, developed by our studio in 2019. The main source of inspiration for the Oasis 2.0. design house was a vision of a luxurious palace, created out of an irregular-shaped block of stone. The facades of the building contain numerous locations for decorative plating, which could be done in stone, wood, marble, polished granite, etc.

One of the creative solutions that went into the process or redesigning of the internal structure of the villa was to manipulate a forward-facing portion of the façade. The entire frontal façade was rotated in such a way, that it is facing directly to the main walking entrance of the land plot. Additionally, this rotation has allowed the architect to concentrate the living areas’ windows along approximately a third of the total villa’s façade space. This meant that the main entrance, the windows of the Family Room and the second-level tall glazing of the Living Room area are all facing the same portion of the land plot, where the majority of the landscaping is situated. 

In designing the window sizes and locations it has been a guiding principle for us to allow natural light into the building in every single room that would be appropriate for it. Thus, even the WCs have their source of natural light.

The internal arrangement is heavily influenced by the way the frontal portion of the building is rotated to the right side. It accommodates a dedicated Majlis and Family Room areas, each with a separate WC and entrance into the common living room area. The Family Room also has quick access to the guest bedroom.

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