Kimasar Hotel

Medeo, Kazakhstan

General Notes

TypeHotel Year2021

The key requirements of the philosophy of the Kimasar complex is the unity of modern construction technologies, unique architectural design, hotel services automation, a high level of guest comfort all maintaining a sense of unity with the surrounding wilderness.

Our task was to create a truly unique project that can become a point of attraction for clients not only from Almaty and Kazakhstan in general, but also for international tourists.

The architectural design project for Kimasar aims not to subjugate the surrounding landscape, but to develop in alliance with it, providing the guests of the complex with the opportunity to enjoy a high level of service, modern architectural solutions and views of untouched nature.

The project of the Kimasar complex offers future guests a wide choice between hotel rooms of various levels of service, standard and premium apartment houses and several glamping spots, made in a bold architectural style.

The Kimasar complex has an elongated shape along a mountain river and a highway, providing unhindered access for guests.

The general plan of the complex is divided into 6 sectors, from north to south:

  • Elevated glamping area
  • First zone of apartment houses, club house and parking
  • First zone of the premium class apartments
  • Second zone of apartment houses
  • Hotel and restaurant complex
  • Second zone of the premium class apartments

The location of objects on the territory of the complex was desogned in order to comply with the general architectural and landscape design, privacy conditions for the guests of the complex and the logistical accessibility of each object.

The hotel and restaurant complex as part of the Kimasar project occupies a dominant position and plays the role of a main multifunctional building.

The scale and location of the hotel and restaurant complex makes it a «visiting card» of the whole Kimasar, since it is the first building that is seen by the guests arriving from the city of Almaty.

Apartment houses make up the bulk of the Kimasar’s offer. The presented conceptual designs of apartment houses are united by a single philosophy of construction and service. The open interior layout provides wide variability in interior design, while maintaining outdoors visibility for guests through panoramic glazing and a constant visual connection with the surrounding nature. This allows the hoteliers to adapt any of the proposed standalone apartments for both «Comfort» and «Premium» levels of service.

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