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TypeHotel Area46 m2 Year2019

The main source of inspiration for this project is a vision of a bonfire, burning in a dark northern forest, akin to a welcoming lighthouse. Amber house is an extravagant but cozy retreat, ready to provide a traveler with warmth, comfort and tremendous unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape.

The main eye-catching feature of this house is a large glass shard, encasing the main living space. This “room” effectively lacks a roof in its traditional sense, which allows for almost 360 degrees penetration of natural light and stunning landscape. The interior uses a great deal of wooden finishes, spreading warmth of the fireplace, which is the centerpiece of the living space. From further away, the glass shard of the main room, lit up from the inside by the fireplace and a number of artificial lights, reminds the observer of a glowing amber. 

Amber house can be split into two parts – the stunning glass crystal of the living space and the “service” space that includes a hallway, a compact kitchen and a toilet. Tourists who decide to try this unusual layout for a weekend somewhere in the woods will appreciate the possibility to fall asleep bathed in moonlight, while observing the constellations in the night sky.
This house does not fit well in a traditional grid of country houses and is designed to be placed in secluded areas, where natural views are unobstructed by neighboring fences and buildings. 

An unusual Amber house design is created primarily for active tourists, who enjoy being in the wilderness, and for couples, looking for a romantic getaway far from neighbours’ eyes.

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