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Type Area100 m2 Year2019

In this classic project from 2019, we were inspired by the possibility to merge commonplace classic architectural shapes with the wild environment. Massive glass walls that have already become a signature feature of Alex Nerovnya designs are utilized as mirror-like screens that, if viewed from certain angles, could make the entire building almost invisible to the observer. Thanks to the two-storied glass area, the person inside this building experiences a kind of a broken-fourth-wall effect. Wherever the person is, he/she never loses connection with the surrounding nature, beautifully portrayed through the panoramic glass. A major, but largely invisible element of the construction, is a steel structure on the inside of the glass wall that holds it in place, while being almost hidden to the eye The guests that would be excited to try this house out for a short vacation or a weekend retreat are small families that enjoy getting out in the wilderness, small groups of hikers and tourists that are seeking to combine the comfort of a modern country house with the feeling of being out in the nature. Throughout the day, the mood and feeling of the interior changes drastically due to a massive role of natural light, penetrating through the glass.

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