Forest Retreat

Kentucky, USA

General Notes

TypeApartment Area45 m2 Year2020

The concept of this forest cabin was developed on a basis of a traditional compact house with a gable roof, and later expanded by adding modern and high-tech elements to the glazing and the interior. One of the signature features of this design is a shower cabin organized in a mirrored glass shard extruded from the facade, allowing the guests to take a relaxing shower, while being completely surrounded by the natural environment of the wild forest around.

Structure and exterior

Foundation — piled foundation / slab foundation.
Framings — wooden beam framework or steel beam framework.
Insulation — rockwool, vapour seal membrane, housewrap.
Outer wall cladding — standing seam metal roof. Color/Texture — matte graphite.
Glazing — tempered tinted window panels. Some of them can be made movable, set on rails. Specifically the entrance/exit ones on both the front and back facades. Mirror panels — one way glass / half-silvered mirror glass panels. 
For better temperature insulation we can advise to use triple glazing with argon-filled internal chambers.


Flooring — ceramic granite tiling. The walls on the 3D visualizations that feature the same texture as the floor are implied to have the same ceramic granite tiling (certain walls in the living/bedroom area, almost all surfaces in the bathroom area).
The ceiling — sheathed with wooden slats. It would make for a good visual effect to either select the slats of the similar color to the fireplace cladding, or radically lighter than it.
The fireplace and chimney — the underlying structure will most probably be a pre-made fireplace solution clad in brickwork. The middle layer is a metallic framework that acts as mounting for the wooden décor. The top layer is a thick wood mantle with minimal treatment.
White surfaces on the interior walls — classic interior finish, stucco on drywall.

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