Amber 2.0 - Village house

Brașov, Romania

General Notes

TypeApartment Area96 m2 Year2020

This house does not fit well in a traditional grid of country houses and is designed to be placed in areas, where natural views are unobstructed by neighboring fences and buildings. The exterior vision of the original AMBER was almost completely cloned to the AMBER 2.0., with necessary additions and adjustments to certain materials, design solutions and internal layout.

The basis of this project, internally designated as AMBER 2.0. was the AMBER house project, developed by Alexander Nerovnya. 
The main source of inspiration for the initial AMBER house was a vision of a bonfire, burning in a dark northern forest, akin to a welcoming lighthouse. The main eye-catching feature of AMBER was a large glass shard, encasing the main living space. The interior used a great deal of wooden finishes, spreading warmth of the fireplace, which is the centerpiece of the living space. 

Most of the glazing of the building is made in the form of panoramic windows. In addition to energy-efficient double-glazed windows, we also propose to install an active light suppression system if the building is going to be facing in the southern direction. On the right side there are 2 panoramic windows, one of which is located in the lounge-fireplace area of the living room, and the other lets in natural light for both bedrooms, located one above the other.

In front of the main facade of the building there is one major and numerous minor terraces proposed for creation of comfortable outer lounge zones. The terraces are placed on different heights in order to accommodate the sloping ground and to create variety in useful spaces. The exit from the building to the main terrace is organized in the dining area, however, any panoramic window may be reconfigured to be an additional exit to the outer areas. Provided that the weather is favorable, these terraces can significantly expand the living areas and provide ample room for recreation for residents at various levels.

The AMBER 2.0. project comfortably houses 4 people, with a possibility of additional 2 bed spaces for guests. The internal layout of the building is designed to be a continuous space, where the only isolated areas are the bedrooms, technical and sanitary areas.

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